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The Connection Practice 
Foundations Course 
From time to time, the Connection Practice Foundations Course is offered at Unity of Walnut Creek. In the course (formerly titled BePeace), participants learn techniques to help master the art of speaking and living peacefully. 

The Connection Practice teaches us processes to intentionally go within and unite empathy and insight. Empathy is attained through a conscious connection to feelings and needs, while insight is accessed through heart-brain coherence.

Short lectures are followed by small group exercises so participants can practice new skills immediately and return to daily life with tested techniques. Veronica is certified to teach the course, facilitate small group exercises, and coach individuals. 

More information is available at the Rasur Foundation International

Contact us for future dates and information about a Connection Practice Group.

How do we start?  
We start with a conversation.
Veronica designs and leads virtual workshops and classes 

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Comments from previous attendees:
  • "I learned so much about myself and how to be a better person in relationships with others."  
  • "Thank you for creating a place of safety and trust, allowing us to open to Spirit's creative unfoldment." 
  • "Everything was so valuable. I am motivated to do more!"

Workshop and class topics and exercises may include:
  • Accessing the Wisdom Field
  • Listening for Deep Meaning
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Opening to Curiosity and Mystery
  • Using and Playing with Intuition
  • Engaging with Saboteurs and Gremlins
  • Identifying Perspectives
  • Finding Balance
  • Identifying Values
  • Finding Fulfillment
  • Life Purpose
  • Creating and Working with Affirmations
  • Journaling
  • Setting Goals
  • Establishing Accountability
  • Creating Vision Boards
  • The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron's work)
  • Exploring Divination Tools
  • Women's Spirituality
  • Coaching Circles

You are invited to explore and connect more deeply with yourself and with others in a safe, compassionate, and supportive setting. Join spiritual seekers, coaching devotees, and those who are just curious about coaching, and experience personal, spiritual and professional growth. You will surely leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself.

Sessions may include: meditation, life coach skill mentoring, wisdom circle discussion, experiential exercises, individual and group coaching, laughter, and occasional guest coaches. Sessions may be designed to meet specific organizational needs.

Spiritual Growth Circle

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

Zoom Link Click Here 
Meeting ID Number 880-7750-1312
Password 123456
By phone: +1 669 900 9128 (local) 

Are you interested in exploring spiritual concepts, topics and challenges on your spiritual path? This ongoing circle is hosted weekly in a Unity of Walnut Creek Zoom Room. Meditation, discussion, exercises and prayer are facilitated in a friendly, engaging and emotionally safe environment by certified life and leadership coach, and UWC prayer chaplain, Veronica Wolfe. 

Additional hosts have joined Veronica in facilitating the Spiritual Growth Circle. We continue to deepen the discussion of a spiritual topic while inviting participants to share from their life experience and wisdom teachings, exploring and integrating principles and lessons from related sources in service to all. 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing 
there is a field. I'll meet you there.”― Rumi