To work with Veronica is to work with a gifted coach.  She has opened me up and is a true champion of "Me!"  Veronica brings a wealth of tools, talents and "how-to's" that support every avenue of my growth path, including professional and spiritual.  Her ability to listen, and to address my core strengths and core growth opportunities awakened my self-love and resulted in an ongoing dance of growth and success. 
- Paula, Business Owner, Corporate Consultant

I engaged in a professional coaching relationship with Veronica to improve my effectiveness as a Human Resources leader.  I learned about myself and became significantly more self-aware.  I can now identify ineffective emotions and responses, and counter them with positive, effective responses.  I am more assertive and can more effectively manage conflict, politics, criticism and skepticism.

I noticed that my new approach and effectiveness gave credibility to the ideas, programs and the Human Resources department.  Positive trends developed and HR soon became 
  • part of the budget and business planning sessions, 
  • respected and required on many strategic initiatives and daily activities, and
  • the team's status was elevated. 

Veronica truly helped me to develop into a better leader who can manage in a variety of situations.  I will continue to turn to Veronica to further my development as an effective leader.
- Kelley, J.D., Human Resources Executive

Veronica Wolfe was my coach for 18 months.  During that time, she also helped guide me through a successful career transition.  Clarity, new ideas, encouragement, possibilities, and engaging, inspirational, clear perspectives are just some of the many characteristics that Veronica brings to her clients in helping them improve their professional and personal lives.  I highly recommend her services.
- Don, Technology Project Manager

Veronica is a skilled and powerful coach who champions clients toward their dreams. Offering a strong foundation of experience and knowledge, she is insightful and sensitive to her clients needs. 
- Nanette, Jewelry Designer

I so appreciate my time with Veronica!  With her wisdom, support and insights, I am inspired to be all that I am capable of being.  I now easily set aside time to focus on the important areas of my life.
- Sheryll, Technology Group Manager

Veronica has a gift for tapping into who you are at your best and then bringing it out. She is both compassionate and fierce.
- Laurel, MS, CPCC, Coach and Consultant

Veronica is an accomplished coach who was very adept at gently guiding me through my stuck points, and helping to direct me toward clarity and focus.  
- Samantha, Artist

Veronica has great insight and advice and points out my strengths. She challenges me to think deeper and reflect, which in turn takes challenging situations and turns them into opportunities for growth and development.
- Amber, Corporate Manager

Veronica helped me focus. She helped me see aspects of myself and of situations that I couldn't see. She was a non-judgmental mirror, reflecting back what bothered me and what lit me up.  With her encouragement, I made self-discoveries - those enabled me to move from being stuck into rapid action. I am clear and I am moving forward with confidence!
- Terry, Technologist

From Third Party Surveys

"Veronica is the best at generating and creating reflection and introspection."

"My coach has great insight and points out my strengths. She challenges me to think deeper and reflect, which in turn takes challenging situations and turns them into opportunities for growth and development."

"It's always uplifting and a pleasure to speak with Veronica. Another great session of positive thoughts."

"I'm super thrilled and ready for this newly created role! I couldn't have done it without Veronica's support and her pulling this new self-image out of me."

"I can't imagine making this much progress this fast without Veronica!" 

"Veronica continues to motivate me and give me the tools to help me deliver results that I'm passionate about! I am really loving these sessions and I look forward to sharing my results with her each time!"

"Veronica is providing me with more tools and authors to read about. She is so supportive and key things I say, stand out to her and she reinforces with me. She is an active listener, positive and cares about my journey."

"Veronica was amazing -- easy to talk with, understanding, compassionate and provided key recommended research for me to act upon. Am positive that her coaching and support will help guide me through this major transition to my next chapter."

"Veronica creates a safe environment for me to express myself. I grew up in an environment where we raised to internalize our feelings."

"Veronica's perspective is always super valuable!" 

"I look forward to my next meeting and the continued personal growth."

"Veronica is a great resource for handling new challenges that I face as a manager. It's always great when we get tactical!" 

"This is such a positive experience! Veronica is fantastic at listening, observing, and providing meaningful feedback."

"I thank Veronica for enlightening me, for being on my side, and for keeping me focused on the positives." 

"I absolutely value every minute with Veronica! She has supported, guided and listened to me through some very tough situations and with her there I was able to grab a small sliver of light to keep my hope. Thank You Veronica for walking with me on my journey as I was lost and find your help makes the difference!" 

"Veronica hosted another great session complete with with dream interpretation, and reminders and strategies to work with toxic people and say no without guilt!" 

"I learned about a Rainy Day List in my last session. Veronica continues to be my biggest cheer leader and am thrilled that she "gets" me!" 

"Thank you Veronica for celebrating me and providing new insights as to how I move forward."

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